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Because I Am a Girl campaign

Because I Am a Girl - Plan Canada campaign

It’s about time we brought some attention to Plan Canada’s Because I am a Girl campaign - a public service announcement we animated a couple of years ago that won a number of awards. The campaign is still in full swing, and by no means a thing of the past.

October 11th has officially been named as the Day of the Girl – and we are slowly counting down to the first ever: 86 days to go!

Aimed at raising awareness and funds in support of girls in the developing world, the Because I Am a Girl campaign generated $3.2 million in overall cash and media value. But more importantly, it framed the plight of girls and women (who constitute a 70% majority of those living in extreme poverty) as one of inspiration rather than one inducing mere pathos: that girls can actively transform the world for the better if they are given a chance.

Barbara Kruger, Untitled (It’s a small world), 1990

Text portrait by Jenny Holzer

All creative was text-based, inspired by the 1990s political text art of Jenny Holzer and Barbara Kruger.

Marketed using elements like print, media sponsorship, PR, social media, and this PSA, the campaign was Plan Canada’s single most significant marketing effort in history. We’re proud to have been part of such a successful project.


We were involved in the print design, and in the producing of the script and animation for the PSA you see here:


Tidbit: In what category did this campaign win a Gold Cassie for? Here’s a hint.

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